Fine Art Through
Digital Photography

Randy Bart, Pure Emotion Photographer

Depending on how you see it, Randy was either blessed or cursed with creative genes. It is hard to escape from the creative process when you come from a legacy of artists. His family includes, recording artists, fine art painters, musicians, movie producers, authors and photographers. Always the consummate computer guru, Randy has been able to connect both sides of his brain and his passions by combining and expressing his photographic creativity with digital imaging and knowledge.

As a world traveler to austere and out of the way locations, Randy has been able to capture the essence of “place.” Be it a scene on the canals of Venice, a personal view of Paris and London, portrayals of poverty in Cuba, or the beauty in Hawaii, Randy is able to represent what matters most in these cultures. His photography transports you to the cultural core of the land.

Randy hopes that his images will bring out in you the “pure emotion” he experiences when he photographs these scenes that tug at the strings of his heart. Enjoy…

Randy would also love to hear your comments about his photography. Both good and bad. "We can't learn in the absence of feedback." If you feel so inclinded, please let him know what you think by clicking here. He will respond to you as quickly as he can.

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